Microscopy of transfer on cotton fabricFinger mark in blood on cotton fabricdrip stain on polyesterMicrosatellites as seen down a microscopereconstruction wearing the clothing

Our Goals

To provide the highest quality training based on current scientific research and methodology.

To ensure opinions derived in forensic casework and presented to the courts are valid and underpinned by sound scientific principles.

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Register  Hagerstown PD, March 25 – 29, 2024. Course is full. We hope to run a course here again in March 2025, or in San Diego in late 2024. Contact Ted for details.
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Mr. Ted Silenieks

Edmund (Ted) Silenieks:  Over 30 years of experience in locating, recovering and interpreting trace and biological evidence. Ted has a Bachelor Of Applied Science: Forensic Investigation and has given expert evidence on matters pertaining to bloodstain pattern analysis, analysis of biological fluids and evidence collection, particularly cases involving DNA.


“Thanks again for a great class. I took a tremendous amount of information away from it. You guys are doing a good thing for the BPA community.”
Brad, Pennsylvania State Police

“Loved it! Puts different types of fabrics and their absorption / adsorption properties into perspective.”
Vanessa, Orange County

“I gained a lot of experience simply by writing the prac report. I gained a whole bunch of experience just taking your class, but this report helps me because we have never done a report like this at our agency, so it’s a good starting point for change.”
Ben, Des Moines Police Department

“Great practical sessions, very beneficial to be able to examine swatches under the microscope and create our own patterns for examination.”
Jennifer, Alberta

“Thank you so much for the class and the sharing of your experience and knowledge.”
Kim, WSP Seattle Crime Laboratory

“I want thank each of you for the incredible course. Both Trevor and I took so much away from the training that we have changed a few aspects of our OPP BPA program relating to clothing.”
Scott, Ontario

“The class was enjoyable and I learned a lot. Thank you for presenting all of the material; it takes a lot of time and effort to prepare and execute a BPA course. Your hard work was much appreciated!”
Sarah, Greensburg, PA