Training Courses

Omnium Forensics offers the training courses listed below.

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  • The 80 Hour Advanced Fabrics Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Training Course

A specialized course for bloodstain pattern analysts who examine bloodstained clothing. The course is dedicated to understanding the limitations of interpreting bloodstains and bloodstain patterns on clothing and other textiles. This course offers a unique combination of textile theory, how blood interacts with textiles, stain interpretation on clothing, basic fluid dynamics, mock case clothing examination and expert evidence reporting.

  • The Examination and Documentation of Bloodstained Clothing

A three day training course aimed at serologists and lab-based technicians who examine bloodstained clothing and take samples for DNA profiling.  The course includes an introduction to Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, BPA terminology, simple bloodstain mechanism production, basic textile theory, bloodstain pattern and stain recognition on clothing, probative sampling principles, 2D v 3D examination techniques, clothing documentation, plus practicals to support the lectures. This course aims to provide clothing examiners with the underpinning skills required to assess and select bloodstains that will discriminate between a victim and suspect and provide the most probative information relevant to the case circumstances.

  • Basic 40 hour Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Course

A five day course aimed at providing a fundamental understanding of the underpinning scientific principles of bloodstain pattern analysis and the practical application of the discipline to actual casework. Upon completion of this course, the participants will have a basic understanding of how bloodstain pattern analysis can assist in the investigation of bloodstain patterns at crimes scenes. The course is designed for investigators, crime scene technicians, forensic scientists, attorneys, and medico-legal investigators.

  • Advanced (scene based) Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Training Course

This course focuses on the reconstruction of past events using bloodstain pattern analysis and is aimed at those who have successfully completed a basic 40 Hour BPA Course and have at least one year of case experience.

  • Forensic Detection of Semen Stains

A two day course aimed at serologists and lab-based technicians who examine for clothing, bedding and other exhibits related to a sexual assault case. The course covers techniques used to locate and document body fluids on textiles, the properties of semen, fluorescence, alternate light sources, acid phosphatase testing, p30 and microscopy.

  • Hair Characterisation

A two day course teaching the morphological characteristics of hair needed to identify if hairs are human, what growth stage they are at, suitability for DNA analysis and what body part they originated from.

  • Textile Damage Analysis

A two day course teaching basic textile properties, the influence of different textiles on severance features, distinguishing between recent and aged damage, the effect washing and wear have on severancs and basic reconstruction techniques.