Advanced Fabrics BPA

This specialized training is designed for practitioners who routinely examine bloodstained clothing and are required to interpret and report bloodstain mechanisms as part of those examinations. The course builds upon fundamental knowledge of bloodstain pattern analysis and aims to underpin the skills required for the interpretation of bloodstains on clothing and other textiles, particularly focusing on how blood interacts with textile fibres. Understanding how this interaction influences the final appearance of a bloodstain on clothing highlights the importance of limitations necessary for the correct interpretation of the mechanism that created that bloodstain.

Course topics include:

  • Understanding the basic properties and construction of textiles
  • Understanding the interaction of blood with different textile fibres
  • Basic Physics and Fluid Dynamics of Blood
  • Understanding bloodstain and bloodstain pattern formation on fabrics
  • Assumptions, limitations and hypothesis testing relating to clothing
  • Reporting bloodstains on clothing
  • Practical exercises

Prior completion of a 40 hour basic workshop in Bloodstain Pattern Analysis is required for admittance into this course.