Opinion Evidence

Omnium Forensics offers a diverse range of forensic experience that allows for the critical review and assessment of forensic casework. We have expertise in crime scene examination, biological and physical evidence recovery, bloodstain pattern analysis, DNA analysis, forensic serology and textile damage analysis. We can also refer you to experts in other disciplines.

Our expertise is offered within Australia and internationally.

Omnium Forensics can:

  • critically review forensic case findings and reports,
  • determine the appropriateness of forensic examinations and testing,
  • examine case items and provide written reports detailing findings,
  • provide objective expert opinion in written reports,
  • appear in court as an unbiased, expert witness, and
  • assess the validity of expert witnesses, their expertise and opinions.

We offer a free 30 minute case consultation to assess your case needs.

Please contact Ted Silenieks for further information.